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DH Global Strategy and Dux Legal Announce Strategic Alliance

DH Global Strategy and Dux Legal Announce Strategic Alliance to Support Companies in Modernizing and Transforming their Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Capabilities

07 October, 2022

GUATEMALA & TEXAS, USA --- Dux Legal, a comprehensive legal services firm, and DH Global Strategy, an international strategic consulting, lobbying and government affairs firm, announce a strategic alliance to support companies of all sizes and across industries, in the development of their analytical capabilities, modernization of their decision-making processes and their production of business and strategic intelligence.

Through this alliance, the shared clients of DH Global and Dux Legal will obtain unique capabilities in the regional market to modernize, increase and make more assertive their information analysis, scenario prospecting and decision-making processes, including the development of information databases, advanced analysis and production of business and strategic intelligence, and corporate due diligence.

"As companies seek greater agility and efficiency in data analysis, and effective decision-making, and with so much volatility and unexpected risks, it is essential to have systems, processes and capabilities for the timely production of intelligence and analytics" said Mario Duarte, founder, and CEO of DH Global Strategy. “The multidimensional focus on corporate information analysis and intelligence production of DH (DH Global Strategy) and the model of multifaceted investigations and compliance reviews of Dux (Dux Legal), offer our clients an integrated platform that will exponentially improve the quality of their analysis systems, their actionable intelligence and their decision-making models.”

Fredy Solano, founding partner of Dux Legal added: “Companies and corporations in Guatemala and other countries face great challenges in dealing with the constant changes and unstable dynamics in the region. Articulating existing data and information, developing analytical methodologies, and having the capabilities to produce and visualize strategic and business intelligence is part of the imperative modernization needed to remain competitive”.

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